The Ironman Cooker UDS System features a removable large capacity fire basket that keeps you cooking and smoking great BBQ hour after hour.

This Royall ugly drum smoker has a temperature range between 250°F and 325°F, that is easily monitored with the front mounted thermometer. Welded air intake and exhaust pipes make adjusting the smokers internal temperature extra easy. Our unique BBQ Smoker design allows traditional slow smoking or hot and fast smoking that can sometimes reduce the time involved without sacrificing moisture or flavor. This barbeque smoker is also available in custom powder coat colors to match any requirement

• 10 Gauge Expanded Steel UDS Cooking Grate
• 9 Gauge Expanded Steel Charcoal Basket with Heat Shield
• Rear Smoker Heat Shield
• Full Smoker Lid Gasket
• Baffle plate included
• This Smoker Is Completely Made In The USA

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Ironman UDS Smoker System

Ironman UDS Front View

Ironman UDS Front View

Heavy Duty 16ga Steel Construction for a lifetime of smoking
Ironman UDS Rear View

Ironman UDS Rear View

High Quality 14ga Heat Shield protects the user against injury
Ironman Smoker Top Cover

Ironman Smoker Top Cover

Stay-Cool Handle and Smoke Vent on tops off our easy to remove lid
UDS Temperature Gauge

UDS Temperature Gauge

Temperature accuracy is the key to great tasting food
UDS System Draft Tube

UDS System Draft Tube

Allows accurate smoking levels, just set it and forget it
Smoker Grilling Grate

Smoker Grilling Grate

10ga Steel plate heats food evenly for professional results
Smoker Baffle Plate

Smoker Baffle Plate

Keeps the food away from the fuel and keeps the drips away from the fire
Smoker Fuel Area

Smoker Fuel Area

Well ventilated 12"x8.5" chamber for Charcoal or wood fuel

Royall Ironman Cooker UDS System Specifications:

• Smoker Construction
16ga Carbon Steel, High Temperature Powder Coated Finish

• Cooking Surface
22" Round, 10ga, (Qty 1) Grates, 380 Sq In Total
No Additional Optional Grates are available for this smoker

• Cooking Area
3,040 Cubic Inches

• Smoker Weight
225 lbs, 265 lbs Shipped (approx)

• UDS System Dimensions
26" x 31" x 38" (DxWxH)

• UDS Temperature Range
Drum Temperature Is Adjusted By The Air Induction System

• Smoker Grate Material
Custom Laser Cut Carbon Steel Standard, also available in Stainless Steel

• Smoker Fuel System
Charcoal or Wood

• Fuel Capacity
12" x 8.5" Fuel Area