Patio Size Smokers

One of our more popular items are our IronMan Cookers patio sized reverse-flow and offset smokers.  These smokers are the ultimate in backyard cooking with nothing but the best craftsmanship.  Our proprietary design offers the cook low and stable temps on both charcoal and hardwood fuel, maximizing draft, while minimizing fuel consumption.  This is the BEST patio-sized cooker you can buy on the market today.

Hand-made of heavy gauge 1/4″ steel in our shop, this is the cooker your grandchildren will be using someday!  We offer two standard sizes and two styles to accommodate all needs:


  • 20″ Diameter x 30″ long cook chamber.  Comes with one rack and plenty of cooking space.
  • 24″ Diameter x 36″ long cook chamber. Comes with two racks, big enough for the competition circuit, but small enough to be practical in the backyard.


  • Offset – Firebox on the right, smokestack on the left, with no baffle plate.  This style of smoker creates a hot spot near the firebox and a cooler spot near the stack.  Great for cooks who like to move into these spots to control cooking times / temperatures.  Our offset is a great cooker sure to please the crowds with your cooking!
  • Reverse-Flow – Firebox and smokestack on the right, baffle plate running partial length of the cooker.  The reverse flow style ensures that temperatures in the smoker remain even throughout the cook chamber and the extended length the hot air must travel helps keep smoke and heat moving, lessening the chances for the build up of acrid smoke.  Your meat will turn out juicy and mouth watering every time!


Here are some pics of our 24″ x 36″ reverse flow.  The paint is still wet on this guy!

Patio-BelowRight Firebox Patio-Front Patio-Side Patio-Below Patio-Above