FrankenQube XL Smoker

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Introducing the FrankenQube XL!

Are you ready for the next best thing to hit the BBQ World?!

Here it is! The FrankenQube XL by IronMan Cookers! We have tested This revolutionary smoker on the Competition BBQ Circuit and in the Backyard. Weighing in at just over 170 pounds this smoker is ultralight and packs a punch! If you want to be able to get some sleep at a BBQ Contest or on an all night smoke at home for your family this is the smoker for you! The FrankenQube XL will smoke for up to 18 hours at 225*F on a single 20 pound bag of your favorite charcoal! Very easy to operate and gives you that unbeatable smoked meat flavor! We are taking the Ugly out of the Ugly Drum Smoker with this new smoker! You can get yours right now!!! Click the buy now button below and we will ship one right to your door! Starting at just $960.00 plus shipping!
Got Questions? Call us now at 573-612-1315!

Starting at only $960.00!!